1. Sport events and football tours in Spain.
  2. Professional Clinics out of Spain.
  3. International academies for boys and girls.
  4. Pre-seasons for professional clubs.
  5. Pretemporadas para clubes profesionales
  6. Agency of Female representation.
  7. Trournaments in Spain.
  8. Soccer fellowships to USA.
  9. Clinics for coaches.

Sport events and football tours in Spain.
There are events offered to clubs for around the world. For ages between sub12 and sub19.

This event includes:

  1. Accommodation in a sports residence at full board.
  2. Transport and pick up at the airport.
  3. Clinics and tranings with Spanish first division clubs (Valencia, Villarreal, Español y Levante)
  4. Friendly matches versus Spanish clubs.
  5. Visit soccer stadiums and museums.
  6. Watch a match of Liga Española (Spanish League) male and female.
  7. Visit cities like Madrid, Barcelona or Valencia.

This kind of events are designed by clubs, for children under 18 years and if they are interested, they can come with their families in a trip of Soccer-Holiday-Tourism.
We usually organize trips between 8 and 11 days.

Professional Clinics out of Spain.
There are Clinics and trainings make by Spanish first division clubs coaches. These Clinics show our methodology and training way in Spain.
The coaches are moved to the customer country.

International academies for boys and girls.
This is a high performance program for the development of the player. It consist of a training program, competition and coexistence in. We have a program between 3 and 10 months of high performance training.

The program consists:

  1. Food and accommodation.
  2. Health insurance.
  3. Spanis lessons or coach grade.
  4. Training with Spanish methodology.
  5. Training in a Spanish club.
  6. Special trainings for goalkeepers.
  7. Compete in Spanish clubs.
  8. Transpor to training camps.
  9. Training clothes.
  10. Visa management.
  11. Management of procedure of the federative form.

This program want the player potential development by training, competition and lerning spanish. All of that in family and close environment. And the possibility of compete in Spain and be seen by scouts of professional clubs.

Specialized trainings for goalkeepers of different ages and categories, for players and coaches. Make by a coach with a lot of formation experience, ex professional soccer player of first division of Spanish league

Pre-seasons for professional clubs.
This is a program which professional clubs can came to Spain to prepare their pre-seasons.

The program includes:

  1. Accommodation in soccer players residence.
  2. Training camps of natural and artificial lawn.
  3. Friendly matches.
  4. Activities extra of leisure and tourism.

Agency of Female representation.
We have agency service and representation of professional female players for Europe and Spain in especial. We work with first and second division clubs. Also, the agency gestión the Soponship contacts with marks and sponsors.

Tournaments in Spain.
This is a program to come to Spain to compete in tournaments in Easter, summer or Christmas.

The service includes:

  1. Accommodation in hotel, residence.
  2. Full board.
  3. Transport.
  4. Participation in the tournament.
  5. Gestion and organization of the tournament.
Soccer fellowships to USA.
This is a development program for youth or semi-professional players. In that, our company has an agreement with American universities to request and obtain grants for 4 years for study and compete in that American universities with full grants.

Formation clinics for soccer coaches.
There are training courses of 20 hours at week for base soccer coaches. It focuses on methodology and formation of kids between 6 and 18 years old. There are taught by Real Madrid, Valencia CF, Villarreal CF and Levante UD coaches.
It includes visits to their soccer stadiums and a match live of Spanish league.
This trip is between 8 and 10 days.

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